First dish is mustard!!

Last time I made it I added my favorite honey. It’s organic with very strong taste. Ruined my mustard. This time I searched for the recipe and came across one that used Maple Syrup. Real Maple Syrup.

The recipe also suggested that I let the mix brew for a few days…So I brought out my metal bowl and covered the mix with large snap lock bag.

On day 3 I blitzed it, not long enough as I was hoping for smooth but got grainy. Had to add a little bit of water to it.. next time.

For now it’s divine.. will use some tomorrow for my mayonnaise.

This recipe comes from David Lebovitz and available online.

For me it wasn’t expensive as I had all the ingredients at home. I use all the spices when I cook, as well as vinegar. Purchased real Maple Syrup on special a few months ago for something else.

Feels good to start making everything from scratch again…



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