Vanilla Extract

Not sure what got into me, but I decided to start making extracts  this year… I don’t bake often but when i do tired of purchasing something that state that it’s real but it’s not.. as it has inverted syrup and other goodies added. It also has an expiry date. Real Vanilla Extract does not!

So 2 weeks ago I went shopping for Vodka and Vanilla pods.. organic cost $5 per pod and others around $5.20 for 2

Plus  I rang a kitchen shop and picked up 12 for $32

Hate the taste and smell of Vodka but it’s a good ingredient to make extract from and all bloggers who made it swear by it.. everyone cannot be wrong.. Right?

Made 500ml for me, never expires and when it starts getting low I just have to add more pods and more vodka…

The other 3 jars are for gifts.. but I decided  that I needed 1 of them and as soon as I made it I transferred the contents into my container.. by Xmas if I need it will be easy to pour it into a gift jar… for now I have more pods and bit more vodka…

Just made.. will post an update in a few months.


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