Baked Peppers

It’s not the first time I’ve made this dish this year, but the first time I took a photo. Last time  500ml jar was half eaten by the time I remembered to take a photo.

Purchased 4 large Capsicums today, should have baked 2 like last time, but threw in 4.. made a bit too much… will be fed up with them by the time it’s done.

I add lemon or line, Onion, Garlic, fresh herbs, salt and Olive oil..  need to clean the filter as it’s getting dark.

The peppers will be better in a day or two…

A bit pricier as it’s the end of season for Caps so they cost me around $9, Limes cost me $0.85, everything else I had at home.. made 750mls… guess it’s not bad for a dish that will last 2+ weeks…

Saw something online that I can use vinegar and salt to clean it.. will try and report.. otherwise no other cleaner gets the muck off and I like a clean oven!!!

When I say clean I mean as clean as the day it arrived…


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