Should have taken before photo as my oven filter kept on getting darker and darker, no amount of scrubbing it with with hot water and dish washing liquid would get it back to new again.

1. I made a paste of salt and hot water and scrubbed. the filter started getting lighter… washed it all off. Still wasn’t happy.

2. I poured bi cab on it and added vinegar. It sizzled and then I scrubbed.. better but still not happy

3. I decided to check with Google, after all google knows everything, right?

4. Metal Bowl/vinegar/Dish washing Liquid/ hot water all mixed together and the filter dropped in.

12 hours later it was starting to look as new.. I changed the mixture and left it again… 12 hours later repeated it… 12 hours later scrubbed it with soft sponge.

Left it to soak in water detergent solution then vinegar and detergent then water/detergent then just hot water.

It looks almost new!! few marks don’t want to come off but not complaining.

Cheap way of cleaning.. No name Vinegar, no name salt and bicab.. total cost $5 and still plenty left over for other uses..

Detergent $2 on sale and I use it daily.

.. Wonder if cleaning my exhaust filter will work same way ….


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