Preserved Lemon 1

I’ve had Preserved Lemons previously but never dared make them myself.. now with the Jerusalem Cook Book I tried making them today.

Yesterday at the markets I purchased ‘Ugly’ fruit. It’s a thing now. The fruit that’s imperfect for what ever reason is sold a bit cheaper, instead of going to landfill.

Lemons looked perfect, small and smelled like Lemons. They’ve been brought in from QLD, as our season hasn’t started yet.

The jar is 500ml, since it’s my first attempt I am starting small.. only 3 lemons were squeezed into the jar… if they work out then prior to the season ending I’ll make up a large batch 760ml Jar and 500ml one to last till next season.

Today the lemons were salted.. will revisit next week and finish the preservation processes.


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