Almond Extract

Yesterday I purchased way too many nuts, will have to place them into small bags and use my food saver, want the nuts to last a while..

Forgot to get blanched Almonds so checked on google how to blanch them, the process couldn’t be easier…

Drop the almonds into a metal bowl and pour boiling water over them, exactly a minute later drain them and drop them into icy cold water. A few minutes when I picked up the almonds the skin was falling off all by itself.

250g almonds to 300ml Vodka

Extract #5, 2 more to go this year and one in the Summer. I think I’ve gone overboard as I don’t bake that much, but will make a nice gift for Christmas and Mint and Lemon (which I’m yet to make) are good medicinal extracts.. well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Apparently Mint is good for indigestion, as well as when you are stressed.. a teaspoon of extract into a mug of hot water.. will try it in July/August.

Lemon is suppose to be fantastic for colds… use it same as you would Mint Extract.. Lemons aren’t in season just yet, so will just try it in the Spring..


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