Lime Extract

As I mentioned in my Shopping post on Saturday that I purchased stunning new season limes.. they are organic and just picked..

The smell was amazing, while I was removing zest with microplane grater (used the wrong one) was thinking how amazing it would have been to capture the smell.. sadly for now it’s impossible.

Measured out 350ml of Vodka.. wanted to add more, but since I want to make few other varieties and don’t want to purchase any more Vodka, 350ml will have to do this year.

On Sunday opened the cabinet to give it a bit of a shake and the color was already turning light green.. this extract will be amazing!!

P.S. Little almost green dryish looking limes cost $1 each at all of the local shops. Sometimes 6 limes bag for $5.. I paid $1 for each and the difference between limes is shocking. One is Organic and the other imported from parts unknown even though they tell us it’s Australian, surely it’s not from this season, as I have proof what new season Limes look like.


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