Preserved Lemon

I started making Preserved Lemons last week.. followed Ottolenghi Recipe almost to a T (used Jalapeno Chili).

Was extremely hard to pick Rosemary to use.. The big bunch I purchased the other week and placed in water sprouted roots and almost all of the 20 springs have new growth… had to sacrifice one. It was either that or using one from my balcony. Couldn’t do that as it’s finally coming back to life (millibug attack was brutal)

I think I timed making Preserved Lemons extremely well. This jar will be ready in 4 weeks. The lemons are from the shops and they were labeled (Ugly Fruit).. in 4 weeks new season lemons will be available.

Will make a small jar and a large 750ml the lemons will be fresh, organic and absolutely amazing…

My plant to cook around the seasons is working, it’s the sticking to the budget that is not… as everything is extremely expensive.. The only way I can stick to the budget if we eat a lot of tinned, canned and processed food.. that would be terrible to our health..

Cannot wait to try the lemons. For now they have been put away at the back of the pantry, together with all the extracts.


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