Lime Marmalade

All started well, hand cut the lines and one lemon, all organic.. wanted to use a mandolin but one of the chefs advised me to hand cut.. big thick slices..

Took a long time until what I thought the skin got soft.. so I added sugar and continued a slow simmer.. it wasn’t gelling…

Stepped away from keeping an eye on it for no more then 5 minutes and when I looked at it.. it was set and starting to resemble toffee..

Quickly took it off the heat to let it cool, think my cast iron pan held on to the heat for longer then I would have liked..

Only made 2 300ml jars.. so it’s very expensive $10 fruit $2 sugar.

It’s set and the jars are sealed nicely… will have to find a jam seller at farmers markets and talk to her..

Will be disappointed if Lemon and Orange look like that as well. Was reading that 1kg of fruit gives 3ltrs of jam .. then it’s not that expensive.

The Marmalade tasted lovely.. line is coming through but would have loved to have added less then a 1kg of sugar.

.. Really wanted the jam to look greeny ..


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