Preserved Lime 1

When at the markets on Saturday decided to try pickling limes just like I did Lemons.. Haven’t eaten Lemons as yet, the recipe states keep them in a dark cabinet for as long as possible and it’s only been a few weeks.

This was taken on Saturday but on Monday I noticed that areas around the cut has gone dry, but there is a ton of juice on the bottom.

Will post an update next weekend as I will be adding lime juice, oil, chill and rosemary .. just like I did with lemon.

Plus might preserve a large jar and hope for the best, Limes are still $1 per lime.. they are large, organic and smell divine. Limes in Supermarkets cost same but a small with thin skins and smell nothing like limes.

The problem is that fruit is picked early and gassed to ripen it. Hence no smell nor flavor but the price is still high. Even though shops still clam it’s Australian grown I don’t trust them. They have been caught out selling apples that were 3 years old and from China as new season Australian.

Plus supermarkets spray the produce with water to make it look fresh, it costs more at the counter as I’m paying for water.

That means farmers markets. Fresh, Local, Seasonal, Organic .. non organic at the shops costs same.. very expensive to eat healthy…


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