Cured Salmon

This was my Second attempt, First one was a complete failure. I didn’t seal it properly and added too much salt and sugar. Found the recipe online, it said to wrap well in glad wrap.. well it didn’t work as all the liquid escaped and the too much curing mix was too much and the fish was tasty but dry..

On Saturday I added less of the curing mix and sealed it in the Food Saver Bag, as it’s sensitive to liquids I dried the salmon with paper towels for a few hours and it felt dry, but I went to seal it few drops of liquid still escaped, so I didn’t push it and didn’t try to suck all the air out of the bag.. may be next time, as I know I can tightly seal meat to prevent freezer burn and this wouldn’t have prevented it…

Salmon was delicious, my knife skills are terrible, so I didn’t try cutting thin slivers of it.

It’s a hit!

The Cost:

Salmon $12, would have cost $15, but I purchased it with bones… I can remove the bones
Salt and Sugar already had at home as they are always in use, so the cost was negligible
Dill $3
Bag $0.18c

Not cheap but much cheaper then purchasing at the store and I know how it was made…

Total Cost $15.18 for 400g of Salmon
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