Onion Jam #1

Never made Onion Jam as I always thought that it takes too long to make and two that no one will want to eat it.

Since the food processor was out I used to to chop up the onions, it’s either that or my bad knife skills and then onion would not cook evenly.

Took around 30 minutes to make from start to finish.. used Chef Gordon Ramsay’s recipe… it will become a permanent staple in the fridge.

Today it was enjoyed on toast, next time on steak or poached eggs.

Onion $2.50
Red Wine $5
it is clean skin but it received fantastic review from critics. They said that it could easily sell for $30 had it had a label.
All other ingredients I had at home as I constantly use them and always buy them on special. If I was to cost them $0.50

Total Cost $8


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