Quinces Paste

So many firsts for me now that I’m back to cooking.

I’ve tried it over the years when dining out, but never purchased pre packaged one.

Since we are in the quinces season, I thought I would try making it.. took ages to make as I started latish in the afternoon. I peeled, chopped and cooked them, let them cool down and put them in the fridge overnight.

The next day I blitzed them and measured the quantity as ration to fruit sugar is important. Then I boiled them with sugar, when I read lava I didn’t know what they meant, but after cooking it I do…

Then placed it in the pyrex dish and backed for 4hrs at 50C as it’s the lowest that my oven would do..

Was looking forward to trying the finished products as i tried it in the fruit/sugar stage… I forgot to get crackers but since I wanted to try making matzo ball soup I had some matzo.

Was worried that it wouldn’t set and I would have to recook it and re dry it out again but beginners luck, it worked the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Recipe came from Ad Hock by Thomas Keller.


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