I’ve given up sticking to a budget when I go to the Farmers Markets, I just get what is needed for the week. A few years ago post hospital stays I was ordering Fresh food online, it wasn’t Organic but still good quality. It cost more then it does to shop at the markets.Delivery was $10, transport by bus costs me $9

Another insanely expensive shopping trip, all up spent $120 that didn’t include meat, fish, chicken, butter nor eggs. Even though fresh produce doesn’t have GST imposed, but fresh is very expensive

Trying to stick to the budget,but a trip to farmers  markets blew it out of the water..

Everything is fresh & straight from the farm. Everything is organic!  Today’s shop cost me $53. Shopping at a fruit shop would cost more for sad & not as fresh produce..

Purchased a kg of limes… oh my! The smell… asked if they are waxed & was told straight from the tree..

Today’s goodies are:

10 Limes
1 lemon 
1 Huge Bunch Sage
2 garlic bulbs
4 medium onions
2 Huge Bunches Parsley 
1 Huge Bunch Mint
3 New Season Apples
1/2 Cauliflower 
Dozen eggs 800g each
Bag Brussels Sprouts 

Ran out of Cash or would have purchased 

Pine Mushrooms 
Pepesaya Cultured Butter


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