Didn’t get some things at the markets today as I noticed that Fruit/Veggie shop had them for 3rd of the price.. so when I got to the shops they cost more then I would have paid at the markets and the quality was terrible… not making same mistake again ..ever

Between nuts and fresh produce I’ve spent $120 this week, but planning on cooking a lot:

Pickled Cucumbers
Cured Salmon
Zhoug – will remake but this time will not blitz it, but chop everything up.
Preserving Lime (small)
Sesame Paste
Peanut butter
Chicken Soup
Onion Jam
Quinces Paste

Might run out of all my jars! Don’t have that much more space and delicately cannot afford to spend that much more on jars .. how to preserve in them book should arrive by the end of the week, so I will be able to try making Lime Jam again.. no post as it didn’t work out as it should.

Busy shopping day. Went to the markets to just get a few nuts but spent $53 Brought home :

– 1kg almonds raw
– 1kg walnuts raw
– 1kg cashews raw
– 500g hazelnuts raw
– 250g sesame seeds organic
– 200 g black sesame seeds
– 200g raw peanuts
– 200g sunflower seeds
– packet of chili flakes
– 4 baklavas

Went a bit overboard .. noticed that they sell organic coconut and oats. When the time comes to baking biccies, will drop in and get them.

Since I’ve managed to find raw peanuts I will make my own peanut butter.. have two unpened jars in the pantry, but they can wait

Forgot to get blanched almonds so blanched them myself .. they are drying prior to me making Almond Extract tomorrow

HUGE Saturday coming up:

– Zhong,double of what I made last time
– Chili Oil
– Marinated Chilli
– Peanut Butter
– Almond Extract

On Tuesday will finish preserving lemons and make Sesame Paste.. and since next weekend is a long weekend will bake Chicken with saffron and hazelnuts and will either get top or chuck steak and slow cook it for 3hrs.. the mess drives me nuts but I do love slow cooked meat.

If I manage to get great quality limes will even try making lime marmalade and extract.. not promising as 3 days will fly by, considering that i will spend a day shopping and cleaning… so only 2 days to cook…


Big Cooking week coming up.

Didn’t get a chance to go to the other markets and get nuts and seeds, and for some reason organic chili flakes didn’t make it home .. looks like someone pulled it out of my basket prior to me paying for it… I left the basket near the herbs/spice rack and kept on returning and dropping things in…

SO since no herbs and no Sesame Seeds I cannot make Chili Oil nor Sesame Paste this week. Will have to wait till Saturday.
Plus will remake Zhong as I’ll be able to get organic herbs from Farmers Markets.. herbs from all the shops even fruit shops are sad..

Plus will Bake Ottolenghi Chicken with Saffron.

On Monday planning on doing stage one of Preserving Lemons and Making Baharat.

Big Cooking week coming up.


I have been cooking and not taking photos…

Only taking photo of pretty things.. the idea was cooking on a budget and so far I’ve been blowing it.

In the last few weeks I’ve baked chicken, made countless vegetable dishes, salads, vegetable drinks and more quinoa meals then I can count.

Vegetables are expensive, even though for now we aren’t paying GST on fresh produce… it’s coming.

It’s expensive to eat healthy meals, cheaper to eat rubbish, but in the long run it’s better to stick to fresh.

Plus trying to slowly get rid of all the plastic at home and move to glass.. long and slow process as glass is expensive and I’ve already spent money on plastic … missed out on a good job as well.

With luck the next great opportunity is is around the corner and then will get a glass container or 2 with each pay…

Mum used to cook on a budget, I’m struggling to do so.. then again she used flour a lot and I cannot eat pasta / rice and all the other flour based dishes too often.. they make me sick.. it’s a cheap and filling meal.

Will try finding mum’s budget friendly recipes…


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