Preserved Lime Large Jar

I love Limes more then Lemons, so since we are still in the Lime season I decided to make another jar with Preserved Limes, Larger one… if it’s loved as much as I think it will be, the wait till next Lime Season will be long..

Read somewhere to put some salt on the bottom of the jar, as well as inside each lime and to open the jar daily and squeeze hard, as last time I didn’t open it for a week.

By the end of week one the limes were half way down the jar and the amount of juice that came out of them almost covered them, so I decided to add few more limes, probably shouldn’t have but it’s too late now.. it’s done.. some of the Limes have turned Yellow due to constantly sitting in the juice .. the spoon dates like Margaritas without Tequila.


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