What a difference word of mouth and sort of following a recipe makes ?

Halving everything was not as easy as I thought, as I didn’t exactly have 500g but closer to 700.

Had I just added half the water the end result would have been smaller.. last time I only had 2 jars and this time 4 from the previous post plus this one ..

Halved the sugar content as well, as I wanted to have lime come through more, sadly water diluted it a bit.. still taste better then store bought and cost me

$7 limes
$1 sugar

jars don’t count as they will be reused .. so $8 for apprx 2.4kg.. should have been 2kg if my measurements were correct. .. so for 100g – $3.33 .. still more expensive then store purchased but I know what’s in it.. as fruit is not waxed and organic .. waxed old non organic costs same

People who say it’s cheaper to make must have their own trees in back yards or have family who give them fruit for free.. then if they only purchase sugar it’s cheaper..


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