Lemon Extract

Second Last Extract, unless I will be constantly working and will decide to make Raspberry one… (don’t want to get anymore vodka). All the 6 extracts will last a while.

Not exactly budgeting. I was out to dinner, I asked the bartender what he was going to do with the Lemons he used up, and he said ‘throw them out’… I asked if I can have them for extract and when I was leaving the restaurant I had a small bag to go.

The plan was to get 3 extra lemons, use the rind for extract and the rest of the lemon was to be used in the Lemon Marmalade. I saved $4.50, but spend a $150 on a dinner..

The dinner was amazing and I forgot all of the current worries for a few hours …

Looking forward to trying the extracts, and if I get a long term or permanent job, I will be able to bake and take goodies to work.


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