Chilli Jam

I’ve been planning on making this Jam for ages.. noticed it when Spice Temple Cookbook arrived, but always put it off.

This week Coles announced cheap chilies, I checked with them where they are from as Chili Season is over. I know since I Grow chilies on the balcony. They got back to me and told me that the Chilies are from QLD.

They aren’t local but at $12pk not going to worry too much. Although storage does concern me..

Luckily for me I saw Chef Neil Perry and checked with him, he told me that in the fridge this Condiment will keep for a long time.

Today purchased chilies and got cooking.. the recipe states that I have to slow cook for 4hrs .. long time, I started early in the day.

Delicious.. next time will throw in a few much hotter chilies as this jam currently is mild. May be I didn’t push it far enough ?


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