Shopping 27 May 2017

The plan was not to buy as much and not to spend as much … oh well next time..then again, I’m spending roughly same as I would at the Food Market, the difference is paying cash or paying with a credit card.

The quality is like day and night.. some things from last week are still fresh.. about as fresh as I would have purchased them from a food store instead of farmers market… no waste..

Today I planned on making chicken soup and slow cooked meat, as well as Zhoug (cannot spot eating it, make small amounts twice a week).. it’s all good.. Parsley,Chilli, Coriander, Garlic .. healthy!!!

So today’s stash cost $68.50, only missing Avocado’s and Tomatoes… giving tomatoes a miss this week and Avocados were on sale 2 for $5 at local shops… there were no avocados at the markets.

Today’s bag of goodies:

3 Onions
2 Padron Peppers Red
2 Fuji Fruit
4 Organic Lemons- X Large
7 Myer Lemons
1 Garlic
2 Cucumbers
1 Broccoli
1 Capsicum
1 Parsnip
8 Mandarins
1 Dozen Eggs 700g

Went with 700g eggs instead of 800g, only a dollar cheaper. At the Butchers same eggs cost $1 more then I paid.

Padron Peppers Red – the legend goes, 1 in a few is super hot, the rest is mild.. will collect the seeds and try growing them next year.. they are annum unfortunately.

The trip to the butcher cost $62.. 2kg of top side steak $14.50pk & so on.. cheaper then local butcher and again much better quality.. I shop where Chefs Shop.


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