Shopping June17

Don’t know how I managed to get it all home.. my trolley was heavy.

Haven’t done much shopping over the last 2 weeks just few basics.. cauliflower, onion, garlic, broccoli and eggs.

Between dental surgery and chest infection, wasn’t hungry.

Today stash cost me $70, everything is farm fresh and organic.

1 Coriander Bunch
1 bag of Mandarins
1 doz eggs 800g
3 small mandarins
4 clementines
4 apples
3 pears
1/2 cauliflower
2 small broccoli florets
9 Myer Lemons
3 Brown Onions
3 Cucumbers
4 Red Onions
1 Beetroot Bunch
1 Croissant – breakfast

Think that’s it!

Ran out of money, or would have purchased ash soft cheese, mushrooms and butter.

Missing Onion Jam, had to get red onions

Messed up round one of Myer Lemon jam while sick.. it was runny, think I added too much water. Internet suggested re boiling it and I pushed it to far.. not edible.. very disappointed.

Saw beetroot dip in Ottolenghi Cookbook and have to make it

Clementines are in season, that means that next week will get more and make Clementine Chicken and Cake, you’ve guest it, Ottolenghi Cookbooks.

Feels so good to be finally eating.

Still trying to budget as $70 is a lot, but some things will last 10 days and next week will only be a top up. Had I shopped at the supermarket wouldn’t have cost me less, more probably and majority of the produce would have gone off in a few days.

It’s only cheap to eat pasta and rice.. my body hates both. When I do indulge I am so tired I cannot get out of bed.


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